Brand New Meter

If you have purchased property that does not have a meter please email  and provide your 911 address (if applicable), your property tax id# along with your deed and survey so that we may locate your property on our service area maps. A new service site evaluation will need to be conducted for single residential service and once our development staff determines the property location that form will be emailed to you - Cost is $200.00 and can take up to 30 days to complete.

If you are subdividing / developing the property or service will be for commercial use please click here for Guidelines for Development.

Established Meter Service - New Property Owner

Property owners only                         

If you have purchased a property that has an existing meter you will need to complete the service application.

Apply For Service

1. Service Applicaton Form - Property owners to complete all required fields

  • Applicant/Co-applicant must be the same name(s) of purchaser on Deed
  • Initial pages 2 and 3 and sign on page 3

2. Required Documents 

  •  Copy of Deed (first three pages required)
  •  Copy of applicant and co-applicant ID
  •  Certificate of formation is required if ownership is a Business name

Submit All Documents

  • email to or fax to: (512) 856-2029                                   

After submitting all required documentation , we will contact you for payment of your Membership & Reset fee by credit card (visa, mastercard, AMEX or Discover) or check-by-phone.

*Membership fee stays on your account & is refundable if you ever sell the property  *Reset Fee is non-refundable

Manville Water Supply Corporation is your drinking water supplier only!

It is your responsibility to make sure you set up wastewater service with the provider in your area. Manville WSC, at the request of the wastewater provider, will discontinue your water service for non-payment of wastewater service until charges are satisfied. Consult your wastewater provider for details.

Tenant/ Renter Service

Please have landlord/property manager contact our office at (512) 856-2488 for a tenant authorization  form. This form must be on file in order for Manville Water Supply to place the account into the renters name.

Tenant/Renter: No action is necessary

We look forward to serving your water needs


Pursuant to 16 Tex. Admin. Code, § 24.169, one meter is required for each residential, commercial, or industrial facility.

If the Corporation detects possible multiple structures on one meter, the General Manager shall have the staff communicate verbally or in writing to the suspected party and/or parties violating this policy and require pre- payment for the setting of additional water meters.

Non-compliance shall constitute basis for a disconnection from Manville, with reconnection fee to be borne by the member, upon full compliance.

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