Guidelines for Development





The purpose of these guidelines is to describe the terms and conditions under which Manville WSC will provide water service for subdivisions, additions to subdivisions, apartments, mobile home parks, R. V. parks, schools, commercial businesses or any form of development.  The guidelines are for general information only.  A copy of the official Tariff is available under the reports tab on our website.




A residential unit referred to herein is defined as any residential lot, apartment, R. V. Park Unit, Mobile Home Park Unit, or any form of a single-family residential unit.  Cost of construction referred to herein means all cost associated with constructing, installing and placing the water system improvements into operation including planning, engineering, legal, land and easement acquisition, construction, etc.


The Developer will pay for all cost of water system improvements within the development and improvements outside the development necessary to provide sufficient water service to the development.  The Developer pays a capital recovery fee (LUE) for each residential unit planned.  The Developer may choose to have only one or more master meters to serve the development, however, the Developer will pay the capital recovery fee (LUE) for each residential unit and the Water Rate will be the same minimum based on the number of residential units served and the same over-minimum rate based on the water usage over the minimum amount for each unit served.




  1. Contact the Manville WSC office in Coupland, Texas, @ 512-856-2488, Development Dept., or email to determine if your development is in the Manville service area (CCN) & if it appears possible for Manville WSC to serve the water needs of the planned development.


  1. If it appears that the Manville WSC may be able to serve the water needs of the development, the Developer will complete an application and pay $1200 for the engineering feasibility study.

          (Only owners of the property can request a feasibility study.)

          All applications for a study shall be accompanied by a fee of $100 per requested LUE of service, in addition to the fee for the currently required feasibility study and one complete sets of site plans (an additional set may be requested).  Upon approval of the request for service, conditional or otherwise, the $100 per LUE payment shall be credited against the impact fees.  If the request for service is denied, the payment of $100 per LUE shall be promptly refunded to the applicant.  The payment of $100 per LUE shall be forfeited if the balance of the impact fees are not timely paid and tentative approval expires.



  1. Within 90 days the capacity portion of the feasibility study will be completed and presented at the next regular monthly meeting of the Manville Board of Directors.


  1. If the Manville Board of Directors approves the report Manville WSC will send a conditional approval letter to the Developer.


  1. The Developer will pay Manville WSC the total Capital Recovery Fee based on the committed number of residential/commercial units within 180 days of the approval of the subdivision by the Board of Directors. (C.R. Fees are non-refundable or transferable)


  1. Review, Comments, Approval of Plans, Specifications and any Contract Documents by Manville WSC Management in writing within 180 days after the conditional approval.


  1. Approval of Contractor to construct the improvements.


  1. Pre-construction Conference between Manville WSC and Contractor before construction starts. Written approval by Manville to start construction.


  1. Inspection of construction by Manville Personnel.


  1. Approval of Construction by Manville Management before water can be turned on.


  1. Developer will maintain all improvements provided by Developer for one year after acceptance of the improvements by Manville WSC.



Engineer:   Fontaine & Associates








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