Guidelines for Development


The purpose of these guidelines is to describe the procedures, terms and conditions under which Manville WSC will perform a non-standard water service feasibility study for subdivisions, additions to subdivisions, apartments, mobile home parks, R. V. parks, schools, commercial businesses, or any form of development.  These guidelines are for general information only.

A copy of the official Manville Tariff is available under the reports tab on our website.

Subject to water availability and system capacity, Manville will extend water service to subdivisions, proposed subdivisions, and new development within its certificated service area at the applicant’s sole expense and in conformity with Manville’s tariff.


The Developer will pay for all costs of water system improvements within the development and utility improvements outside the development necessary to provide sufficient water service to the development. Cost of construction referred to herein means all costs associated with constructing, installing, and placing the water system improvements into operation including planning, engineering, legal, land and easement acquisition, inspections, construction, etc.

The Developer pays a LUE fee for each unit planned. The Development may have master meter(s) to serve the development, at the discretion of Manville. However, the Developer will pay the LUE fee for each residential/commercial/industrial unit and the Base Rate fee will be calculated on the current rate times the number of units served.


1.Contact Manville WSC by email; to determine if your development is in the Manville service area (CCN) & if it appears possible for Manville WSC to serve the water needs of the planned development. Provide a map or plat showing the property location, property id#, & intended use of the property.

2.Developer will complete a feasibility study application (provided by the development department) and submit along with documentation & applicable fees for the engineering study. (Only property owners or entities under contract to purchase can request a feasibility study.)

All applications for a study shall be accompanied by the study fee, noted in the fee schedule attached, a fee of $100 per requested LUE of service for a “water capacity reservation fee”, complete set of site plans, concept plan and/or preliminary plat (electronic), construction / build- out schedule, proof of ownership by Deed or contract to purchase, entity company agreement for Business Ownership (if applicable), water demand calculations (Avg, Max, and Fire Flow)(if applicable), fire flow calculations and criteria used (if applicable) Sample calculation schedule.

NOTE – A feasibility study application must include supporting documentation and will not be accepted without all required documents submitted all at once. Payment must be received upon receipt of “Application” by check, cashier’s check, money order or check by phone for study to be processed.

3.Within 120 days of receiving the study application and fees, the capacity portion of the feasibility study will be completed and presented at the next regularly scheduled monthly meeting of the Manville Board of Directors for consideration.

4.If the Manville Board of Directors approves the report, Manville WSC will provide a Non-Standard Agreement (NSA), if applicable, to the Developer. Upon Board approval of the request for capacity, the $100 “Water Capacity Reservation Fee” becomes non-refundable. If the request for service is denied, the payment of $100 per LUE “Water Capacity Reservation Fee” shall be promptly refunded to the applicant.    

Study is valid for 90 days from completion.

5.Upon approval of the application as tendered or as amended by the board, the Applicant shall pay 50 percent of the applicable Capital Recovery Fees to Manville within 365 days of the effective date of Manville approving the application, whether by Manville Board or staff approval. Applicant shall pay the remaining 50 percent within 2 years of paying the first 50 percent per the preceding sentence or upon approval of final plat, whichever is first. If not timely paid, Manville’s commitment to serve shall expire, be deemed forfeited, and be of no further force or effect. There shall be no refund of costs and fees paid. Manville will not reserve or otherwise hold back capacity prior to payment of all capital recovery fees and other fees imposed by its tariff and compliance with all conditions of service by the applicant. In the event Capital Recovery Fees have been changed since the date of original approval, the balances due and payable shall be based on the new fees.

Unused Capital Recovery Fees are only valid for four (4) years from the date of Manville’s approval. There shall be no extension of the four (4) year period unless a developer pays an LUE Extension Fee (see definition below), as provided by mutual written agreement, in the form of an amendment to the subject NSA, between the developer and Manville. There shall be no refund of any fees paid by an applicant prior to the expiration of Capital Recovery Fees and Capital Recovery fees are non-transferable.        

LUE EXTENSION FEE - An additional fee paid by a developer, who has paid 100 percent (100%) of the Capital Recovery Fees applicable to a subject development, to extend the length of time, beyond four (4) years, that the Corporation will continue to reserve the LUEs provided under an NSA and as secured by the developer’s payment of the Capital Recovery Fees.        

6.Plan Review Fee – is noted in the fee schedule attached. payment must be made to Manville once the developer receives approval and has signed the NSA if applicable.

7.Plan Review, Comments, Specifications and Plan Approval can take up to 180-days or more to complete after approval notice or signing of the NSA. All planning & review inquiries, after study approval, will need to be sent to   Approval of Plans will not be provided until all requirements are met and  fees paid.

8.Engineer Plan Design fee – Developer must pay a fee of $5000.00 to Manville for the Engineer plan design of off-site improvements if applicable. Payment must be made to Manville once the developer receives approval and has signed the NSA if applicable. Manville will obtain bids from its contractors and upon approval of a contractor to construct the improvements, provide a cost estimate for all improvements to the developer for payment.

9.Pre-construction conference scheduled between Manville WSC and Contractor before construction starts. Must obtain written plan approval by Manville to start construction.

MWSC – 9/2023

Feasibility Study Fee

       *0-10 LUE $1,200.00 *Fire Flow Requested - Additional $3,000.00
       11-99 LUE $4,800.00
100-299 LUE $6,300.00
300-799 LUE $8,500.00
800+ LUE Special Study Required

Plan Review Fee

         0-10 LUE $1,500.00
       11-99 LUE $3,600.00
100-299 LUE $4,860.00
300-799 LUE $6,120.00
800+ LUE Special Contract Required

Capital Recovery Fees
Meter Size CR Fee
5/8” X 3/4” $12,071.00      (1 LUE)
3/4" X 3/4" $18,106.50      (1.5 LUE)
1” $24,142.00                              (2 LUE)
above 1” Requires Engineer Study
The following sample LUE Conversion is a GUIDE ONLY to estimate flows for various development types, if using other factors please explain specifics for the calculations.

Sample (Residential) LUE CONVERSION (LUE per Unit)

Single Family Residence                  1
Mobile Home or MH Park               1
Duplex                                                         2
Multi-Family                                         .70
(Apartment, RV Park,
Fourplex, Condo, Townhome

Sample (Commercial / Industrial ) LUE CONVERSION (LUE per Unit)

Warehouse 6000 sq ft                  = 1 (estimate only)
School, Day Care,                        Calculations should be based on water usage demand for development.
C-Store, Restaurant,
Shopping Center etc.





Capital Recovery Fee Chart

Fee effective June 2023  
Residential - 5/8" x 3/4" meter $12,071.00
Residential - 3/4" x 3/4" meter $18,06.50
Residential -1" meter $24,142.00
Commercial - 5/8" x 3/4" meter $12,071.00
Commercial - 3/4" x 3/4" meter $18,106.50
Commercial - 1" meter $24,142.00
Commercial - 1.5" meter & up Requires Engineer Study



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