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As your local water utility provider, we strive to keep you continually updated on all matters related to your water service. If you do not find the information you need, please contact our office and we will gladly assist you!

Discolored Water -Manor / Austin area

Manville Water was informed that a private contractor installing a storm drain on Gilbert Road, hit Manville’s 12” main line on Friday February 23 . 

Due to this incident customers have been reporting discolored water in the Manor/Austin area.

Manville operators followed TCEQ requirements by flushing the line, recording residuals, and collecting a water sample for bacteriological testing at a TCEQ approved laboratory

The test results have been received with both the total coliform and E. coli bacteria tests being negative, indicating no bacterial contaminants detected in the water.

Discolored water and trapped air are common occurrences after a water main break or other water system maintenance work. Discolored water is caused by sediment and mineral deposits in the pipes that can be stirred up when the water is turned off and then back on following work or a leak in the system.

Our operators continue to flush the system lines to clear out the pipes, record residuals, and collect additional water samples for bacteriological testing.


Winter Weather Advisory

As we prepare for the winter weather, here are some freezing temp reminders! Please do your part to protect your private plumbing.

   Open cabinet doors under sinks to expose pipes to heat within the house,

   Protect outdoor pipes, cover outdoor spigots, disconnect water hoses,

   Let indoor/outdoor faucet(s) drip a small steady stream so that water is moving through the pipes consistently,

   Turn off your yard sprinkler systems,

   Be sure to leave your heat on when out of town or turn off your water and drain all lines.


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Water Conservation - Seasonal Watering Restrictions May 1st through September 30th

Life without water isn’t possible! Water conservation is the practice of using water efficiently to reduce non-essential water usage. Water conservation is important because fresh clean water is a...

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Notice - Rate Increase

New rates - Effective November 2023 billing cycle.

When you consider all your utilities, water is particularly important because it is an essential part of everyday life. As your water provider,...

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On July 20th, 2023 the Manville Board of Director approved lifting the suspension of accepting applications for feasibility studies over 2 LUE’s effective August 1, 2023. A...

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Manville 36" transmission line project - easement acquisitions

Manville WSC is working on plans to install  a 36" transmission line from Lee County to Cameron Road. Energy Access Solutions (EAS) has been contracted to obtain the necessary easements for this...

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Manville Stage 3 - Water Restrictions in effect

Stage 3 water restrictions currently limiting outdoor landscape watering to ONE day a week and non-essential water use. NO weekend watering allowed.

Mandatory water restrictions are absolutely...

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Extreme Drought Conditions - Water Restrictions

Manville continues to experience increased demand on the system due to outdoor watering and household usage. The current mandatory watering restrictions have not resulted in the necessary decrease...

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Mandatory Watering Restrictions

Manville WSC is currently under stage II Mandatory Watering Rrestrictions. Please do your part to conserve water and strictly follow the Manville watering  schedule below.

Watering schedule

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Water Conservation

As the drought conditions continue to worsen, Manville WSC is asking all customers to do your part to conserve. Please follow the voluntary watering schedule.

There are a number of easy ways to...

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Attention - Manville is phasing out accepting personal checks for utility payments.

With more convenient than ever options to make your payment, Manville WSC will be phasing out accepting personal checks for utility payments as a pay method.

The Benefits of Electronic Payments

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Water Conservation

Failing to conserve water can eventually lead to a lack of an adequate water supply, which can have drastic consequences.

Please do your part to conserve.


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Preparing for Freezing Temperatures


  • Never use a generator, grill, camp stove or other gasoline, propane, natural gas or charcoal-burning device inside a home or...

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CALL 8 1 1 before you dig!!! It's FREE!

When anyone digs in Texas, whether planting a tree or digging the foundation of a skyscraper, there is a high probability of an underground utility line being within the site.

Texas law requires...

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Manville 36" transmission line project - easement acquisitions

Manville WSC will be installing a new 36" transmission line from Lee County to Cameron Road. Energy Access Solutions (EAS) has been contracted to obtain the necessary easements for this project on...

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Notice - Resuming Disconnection

   The period of the COVID-19 pandemic and recent winter storm has been a trying time for all in our community. Manville Water Supply Corporation understands that many of our customers experienced...

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Drought Awareness- Conservation

Conserving water is particularly important when drought strikes, but it’s also a good habit to be in at all times for environmental reasons. Try to do at least one thing each day to conserve...

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Noack - Manville merger finalized

Attention all Noack members the merger with Manville WSC is now final. We welcome all Noack members to Manville. Please contact our office for any questions you might have about your water...

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Manville Alert System - please subscribe

Manville encourages ALL Manville customers to subscribe for "alerts" to stay up to date on important information. By enrolling you can receive an alert via text and or by email.

This system will...

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Thanks to our customers

The Manville WSC staff would like to thank all customers that took the time to email, send cards and call thanking our staff for doing such a great job during extraordinary times. 

We realize...

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Manville & Noack Customers boil water lifted/Pflugerville Districts boil water lifted 2-24-21

All customers that are directly billed by Manville Water are no longer under a boil water notice as of 2-23-21. Noack WSC customers are no longer under a boil water notice as well as of 2-23-21....

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Boil Water in Effect

The boil water notice remains in effect for ALL Manville customers.

Samples have been taken to lab and Manville is awaiting confirmation that the water meets all regulatory standards and is safe...

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Please conserve

Though the Manville system is stabilizing it is very important that all customers conserve water. 

A boil water is still in effect until water quality testing is conducted and safe water quality...

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Manville system continues to stabilize

The Manville system continues to stabilize and pressure is slowly increasing in all areas. As water returns into private water lines and faucets are turned on there will be air that will be...

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Low Pressure - Intermittent Service

The Manville system continues to experience electrical and mechanical failures. Many areas in the system have experienced intermittent service during the failures while some areas have been...

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Office Closed -Emergency on-call system down

Our office remains closed due to weather conditions. The Manville emergency on-call system is down again due to freezing temperatures.   

Manville office staff remains unable to access email due...

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Office closed - Emergency on-call system down

Our office remains closed due to weather conditions. The Manville emergency on-call system is down again due to freezing temperatures.   

Our office staff are unable to access email due to...

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Water Service Restored - Please Boil Water & Conserve

Repairs have been completed and customers in the Manville service area should have service restored however you will experience low pressure. Keep in mind as the temperatures are still below...

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Limited Staffing - Office Phone Hours Change

Due to the outbreak of Covid - 19 the Manville office staff has been adversly affected by the recent increase in cases, causing our already limited staff to be even smaller. We are experiencing...

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Mandatory Watering Restrictions Lifted

Effective immediately Manville WSC is lifting the mandatory watering restrictions. Manville asks that all customer continue to conserve by following the voluntary watering schedule.

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Go Paperless - Pay your bill online

Manville is going paperless & we would appreciate your help! We are asking all members to sign up for e-billing only and auto pay

It's simple, safer & free!

Set up automatic payments, review...

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Capital Recovery Fee - Increase Effective June 1, 2020


Manville WSC Capital Recovery Fee will be increasing to $3800. 

A capital recovery fee is a charge to offset the cost of installing new infrastructure and acquiring...

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Warning - Unauthorized payment sites

Attention Customers - Payment to " " is unauthorized and does not constitute payment of your water bill. Manville WSC does not authorized any third party sites for payments of your water...

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Please keep meter area clear

Please keep a 15 ft. area around the water meter free and clear of encumberances such as plants, parked cars and other items that block our access to the water meter. Thank you

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