Mandatory Watering Restrictions lifted

Manville Water is lifting watering restrictions for all customers, effective immediately, as conditions have been met to end the restrictions. Please continue to do your part to conserve.
Thank you!

2023 Board Candidacy - Deadline February 10, 2023

Available Director positions for the 2023 election are for Zone 2, Zone 6 and Zone 8. If you are a member interested in being a Candidate for a Director position, reside and receive water within one of the zones listed, please contact the Manville office immediately for an application,  512-856-2488 ext 240. A completed application and signature petition must be received at the Manville office no later than February 10, 2023. 

Noack area - Line locating

Manville WSC & our contractors will be in the Noack area over the next several months locating distribution lines to determine water line sizes and location for GIS mapping.  

NOTICE - New Water Rates - effective November billing period

Manville WSC has entered into an agreement with NewGen Strategies & Solutions to perform a short-range and a comprehensive, long-range, water rate study.

After review of the short-range analysis, it has been determined that an increase in water rates is needed for a sustainable future.  The Manville Board of Directors approved the “Change in Water Rates” on September 8, 2022,

The rate adjustment is the result of ever-increasing costs to produce safe, reliable, high quality drinking water, future water needs and supply.  NewGen Strategies & Solutions continues to conduct the long-range analysis that should be completed in mid-2023 and could result in additional rate adjustments.

NEW BASE FEE RESIDENTIAL                                                                 NEW BASE FEE COMMERCIAL              
Meter Size Residential Meter Size Commercial
(New Rate) (New Rate)
5/8" $25.15 5/8" $25.15
3/4" $39.94 3/4" $39.94
1” $54.69 1” $54.69
1.5” $109.38 1.5” $109.38
2” $175.00 2” $175.00
    3” $402.50
    8" $700.00

New Residential & Commercial Monthly Conservation Rates per thousand gallons

Gallons Residential & Commercial Stage 3 & 4 Drought
(New Rate) $/1000 gal
(New Rate)$/1000 gal
0–6,000 $3.25 $3.25 / $3.25
6,001–10,000 $4.06 $5.06 / $6.06
10,001– 20,000 $5.08 $6.08 / $7.08
20,001– 30,000 $6.35 $7.35 / $8.35
>30,001 $7.00 $8.00 / 11.00

Employment Opportunities


MANVILLE WSC currently has immediate full-time openings available.

We are a growing company with excellent benefits and

a great organization to join! 

We are located in Coupland, TX, a short drive from Elgin, Taylor, Round Rock, Manor, Pflugerville and Hutto.

Compensation varies depending on position and experience.

Available positions


Water Maintenance Technician I

Water Technician I / Water Operator I


For a full job description and how to apply click here

IMPORTANT: TO BE CONSIDERED FOR THIS POSITION, candidates MUST follow details under "How to Apply" to submit required information. A cover letter, resume and completed application are required. 

Our current work schedule is M-F 8:00am - 4:30pm ( 1/2 hour lunch break)

MANVILLE WATER SUPPLY CORPORATION is an equal opportunity provider. Employees at all levels are selected based on their qualifications, skills and abilities